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The Art+ Hotel Tel Aviv: Landscape with Birds

Both sides of the corridor created by Tali Ben-Bassat expose a mythological world intertwined with landscapes, animals, and human figures. Ben-Bassat is inspired by the late 19th century Romantic tradition, whose artists engaged with man's emotions and instincts helplessly facing the Elements. engulfed by an air of mystery. In this spirit. one side of the corridor features dramatic open landscapes in black and red, where wounded animals lie still next to scorched shadow-casting tree trunks. The black birds in the background, which appear to have been extracted from horror movies, fly across the landscapes, hinting at an imminent catastrophe. 0n the other side of the corridor, the coloration is more subtle and refined. Through illuminated transparencies, works executed in watercolor unfold the story of a young girl, who fuses with the landscape or possibly confronts wild beasts. The entire corridor is shrouded by an apocalyptic sense of thundering silence, while maintaining the meticulous aesthetics and cleanliness typical of Ben-Bassat’s work.

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